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Thank You!

One last, and very big, thank you to all of you who came out yesterday for our first ever Trivia in the Park! And congratulations again to our big winners, team "We've always been at war with Eurasia"!

For those of you who may have missed out on yesterday's fun, you can see all of the questions that were asked by going here:

Finally, if you have any photos of yesterday’s event, we'd love to see them! You can email them to or link to them on our webpage:

Stay tuned for our next event to be announced very soon!

<3 Banditos

Trivia in the Park is TODAY!

It’s going to be a beautiful day today! (phew) So for a final bit of preparation, here’s a list of things you should probably plan on bringing:

• A pen or pencil
• A hard surface to write on
• A blanket and/or chairs
• A nice picnic lunch or takeout.

That’s it! Heck, you don’t even need to bring any teammates! If you’re having trouble finding people to join your team, or your friends bailed on you last minute, just come on down anyway! Your friendly trivia event organizer will help set you up with other people in the same boat.

Remember, the event will be at Riverbend Park near Harvard Square. It starts at 12:30, but feel free to get there early and settle in.

Well Banditos, we’re pretty darn excited about totally owning the genre of team trivia. We really hope to see you all today for Trivia in the Park!

<3 Banditos

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Trivia in the Park

Date: May 18th 12:30PM
Location: Riverbend Park near Harvard Square


We know you love trivia. But WHAT IF...

• Instead of one picture round there were SIX?
• And you didn’t feel obligated to order a $20 meal?
• And there were lots of different people asking the questions, some of whom were wearing strange outfits?
• And the questions were really, really hilarious, like soooooo hilarious?
• And some questions might involve INTERACTIVE components?

We’ve been wondering those things too. Which is why we are super excited to announce our first ever... Trivia in the Park, Saturday May 18th, at 12:30pm! Here’s what you need to do to play:

Get a Team Together
Just invite your friends like any other trivia event! There is no formal registration process for getting your team together. But RSVPing on Facebook is probably a good way to spread the word. (Note: we will be applying the “teams of more than six can play but can’t win” rule.)

Pack a Picnic
Feel free to bring some lunch to eat while you play! You may also want to bring a blanket and/or lawn chairs.

Head Down To the Park
Riverbend Park, near Harvard Square.

Decide on a Team Name
The team with the best name will be VERY heavily rewarded... with one extra point.

Play Trivia
Questions will cover a wide range of topics. You are allowed to use your smart phone, but only if you want to automatically lose.

Win a Prize
The first place team will win a prize! We haven’t decided what the prize will be yet. We’re currently debating between either an awesome homemade trophy or a trip to the moon.

And that’s it! So start getting your team together and memorizing that encyclopedia… and we’ll look forward to seeing you on May 18th!

<3 Banditos

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